American Indian Christian Circle

      For years I have done a lot of work in hospitals as an American Indian Chaplain using the American Indian flute and prayer to bring peace, comfort, and healing to those in need. My Father has put me on an incredible journey and leads my path. Read "The Vision" in the section "Silverhawk Chronicles"

     I enjoy going to white churches and worshiping Creator but always felt something was missing. Having Cherokee and Creek blood I had a longing to worship in my own culture. One day my pastor approached me about starting a traditional American Indian worship service of which I resisted for a couple of years.

     My wife Cindy and I go to powwows and flute gatherings and began meeting people with the same desires. Creator was bringing us together for a purpose. We finally decided it was time to start an Indian church.

     January 15, 2005 was the first gathering of the American Indian Christian Circle of Thonotosassa, Fl.

I had found what was missing. 

     Our gatherings begin with a flute song, after this is prayer and offering tobacco in the four directions. Then I light the sage and also offer in the four directions.  We now smudge the circle, the people, and the drum, all in an attitude of prayer. At this time we pass the prayer feather around the circle for prayer requests. 

     I now speak, and this is followed by singing and dancing around the big drum.

     Last but not least is a covered dish social.

     If you would be interested in joining us, we meet the second and fourth Sunday of the month at 6:30 pm in the fellowship hall behind the United Methodist Church in Thonotosassa, Fl.  which is located at:

11905 Fort King Highway, Thonotosassa, Fl  33592-2805

Dock Green Silverhawk: Spiritual Leader


Map and directions to church