Pics of Dock and others Pics of Dock and others Dock after dedication. Opening dedication to History Museum in Tampa, Fl. 193518531 Dock and Sonny Nevaquoia Taken at Vogel State Park, Blairsville, Ga 193518530 Dock at the Silverhawk 193518532 Dock at Native Rhythms 193519205 Dock at INAFA convention in Taos, NM 193519206 Dock, Joseph, Utah, Joey 193519207 Dock and Cindy 193519208 Dock at Vogel State Park Vogel is 3 miles south of the Hawk's Nest in North Ga Mtns 193519209 Dock 2013 193519557 Dock and Cindy 193519558 Barbera and Dock 193519560 Barbera presenting Dock Cody Art 193519561 Dock 193519562 Dock in Ga 193519563 Dock at Vogel 193519564 Dock and Cindy 193519565 Dock and Cindy whitewatering 193519566 Dock and his trusty steed, Shadow 193519567 Dock on DRY CREEK movie set 193519688 Cindy Green on Chinabar, Cattledrive'95 193519689 Dock loses his cool Dock loses his "cool".. err... maybe is afraid of being "too cool" 193519690 Cindy Green on-set of DRY CREEK Cindy on Chinabar during a shooting of DRY CREEK in Fla 193519691 Violet the Dobie 193519692