Entertainers Schedule

                      SATURDAY        (times subject to change)                                SUNDAY

                                                                     BRING A FOLDING CHAIR OR BLANKET TO SIT UNDER A TREE AND ENJOY                


 9:00-10:am Sound system set up                                                                  10:00-10:30am: Rebecca Sanford+Dock (opening)  


10:00-10:30am: Rebecca Sanford + Dock (opening)                                     10:45-11:15am: Charles Baumgartner 

10:45-11:15am Ellen Bristol & Leather Betty Denehy                                    11:30-12:00pm: Native American worship with Sacred Thunder Drum

11:30-1200noon  Pam & Wes Dickey                                                             12:15-12:45pm Myron & Sandy Legett

12:15-12:45pm Rebecca Sanford                                                                    1:00-1:30pm Charlie & Kim Cox                                                                                                                            

01:00-1:30pm Mark McGourley                                                                       1:45-02:15 Kimberly Kridler


01:45-2:15pm Dock                                                                                         02:30-03:00pm Gordon Gulledge

02:30-3:00pm Johnny Kee                                                                              03:15-03:45pm Utah Ferris + Joyce Bagaskai

03:15-3:45pm Jared &Seth Barber                                                                 04:00-04:30pm Deb Almy                                                                                                                                                      

04:00-4:30pm Eric Kalita                                                                                04:30pm...….Open mic

04:45-5:30pm Painted Raven 


05:45pm on...Open mic                                                                    


                                                        Times to be announced


John Ellis: Playing composed music on a Native American style flute.
Dock Green Silverhawk: "Using the Native style flute for an aid to healing" Time to be announced                               


Eric Kalita: Want to learn how to play the Native Style flute? Buy one from one of our vendors and we will teach you: Time to be announced

Cheyenne Hummingbird- Indian Sign language. Time to be announced